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      The site tukaram.com was launched on Tukaram Jayanti - 17th February, 2002 by eminent scholar Mr.Ram Bapat in presence of editor of Saptahik Sakal Mr.Sada Dumbre.The site is in memory of Tukaram scholar Barrister Babaji Ganesh Paranjape (1889-1953).
      Dr.Sadanand More and Dilip Chitre were consulted at various stages during the making of the site. Dr.Sadanand More is recipient of Sahitya Akademi award 1998 for his Marathi book "Tukaram Darshan". The book is a work in cultural criticism. It is Tukaram-centric rewriting of cultural history of Maharashtra. Poet, film-maker and painter Dilip Chitre is winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award 1994 for his Marathi book of poems "Ekoon Kavita-1" and the Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize 1994 for his book "Says Tuka" English translation of the poetry of the 17th century Marathi poet Tukaram (1609-1650). Nine translations from the book "Says Tuka" have been included in The Longman Anthology of World Literature Volume C The Early Modern Period published by Pearson Longman, New York. Theirs is a major contribution to the site. Dilip Dhonde was Project Co-ordinator for the site. Narendra Barhate, Deven Rakshe, Girish Gandhi and Satish Pandilwar were involved in various stages of development and project management of the site.

      www.tukaram.com is a multi lingual website on 17th century poet Tukaram (1609-1650 ).
The site is in 14 Indian and 8 foreign languages:
Marathi - Dilip Chitre, Dr.Sadanand More, Ram Bapat and Dr. Dilip Dhondge.
Hindi - Dr.Anandprakash Dixit , Shaila Lalwani and Shriram Shikarkhane.
Konkani - Padmashree Suresh Amonkar.
Sindhi - Lachman Hardwani.
Rajasthani - Dr. Satyanarayan Swami.
Sanskrit - Pandit Mahadev Oak, Dr.D.K.Kharvandikar and Asha Gurjar.
Koshur - Rajani Pathare Rajdan.
Bangla - Rabindranath Tagore.
Odiaa - Khageshwar Mahapatra.
Kannada - Viruspaksh Kulkarni.
Telugu - Bhalchandra Apte.
Gujarati - Kedarnath and Neelkanth Panchbhai.
Tamil - SasthaGopal.
Malayalam - N.E.Viswanath Iyer.

English - Mahatma Gandhi and Dilip Chitre.
French (Français) - Guy Poitevin.
German (Deutsch) - Dilip Chitre and Padmashree Lothar Lutze.
Russian (Pусский язык) - Irina Glushkova,Anagha Bhat and Sergei Serebriany.
Spanish (Español) - Elsa Cross.
Lithuanian (Lietuvių kalba) - Jonas Skendelis.
Esperanto - Annirudha Banhatti.
Dutch (Nederlands) - Leo van Der Zalm .
      The Marathi section has articles by Dilip Chitre, Sadanand More and the late B G Paranjape. The Hindi section has Mahatma Gandhi's foreword to the 1945 book Rashtragatha.
      VARI - An Indian Pilgrimage is a cinema film of 90 minutes length, with a television version of 60 minutes length. VARI was entirely shot with a hand-held film camera by the cinematographer-director Henning Stegmuller. It was recorded live by Jan Betke. It was scripted and designed by the late Dr. Gunther Sontheimer(1934-1992). Henning Stegmuller saw the pilgrimage in the company of Professor Sontheimer 1987 before shooting it the following year 1988 .The video clips link of VARI is available in the English section - Pilgrimage Video.