Tukaram Pedagogical Center, Argentina



Hastinapura Foundation: This is an Argentine non-profit organization devoted to preaching Spiritual Universalism all over Argentina and other neighbouring countries.
      It was founded in 1981 by an Argentine Philosophy Professor, Ada Albrecht, who dreamt a place, where men could gather towards their search for Truth, without any sectarianisms.
Three main principles of the organization are:
1) To recognize and preach the existence of God and the divine essence of human being through the path
of the Spiritual Universalism.
2) To realize the natural brotherhood within Humankind, and to promote a lovely approach to every
religion, race, philosophy, and to the rest of human beings.
3) To promote the study of Science, Religions, Arts and Philosophies, always towards spiritual
development of Mankind.

It has 15 centers in Argentina, and others in Uruguay, Bolivia, and Colombia.

    It's retreat place is called "Tukaram Pedagogical Center". It's a 4 1/2 ha. field, 45 km outside the city, in the country field, near the village named "Francisco Alvarez".
     Tukaram Pedagogical Center was born 29 October of 1978. Tukaram Pedagogical Center (thus called in honour of the great poet-saint of India). It was constructed day-to-day, hand span to hand span, by the young people pertaining to our Foundation. For the construction of Temples it was never counted on great economic contributions. Little by little, currency, bricks, painting, cement, wood were acquired, little by little were constructed their ways and, as we say, their Temples. The Center was named after the great poet-saint of India. With all the sincerity of our heart, with all our energy we wanted to construct a point of light in this Earth where he learned himself that he is One in all the Religions, that the Immortal Philosophy is One, does not interest what forms, what languages, what modality uses for their expression. In that point of light, that is the Tukaram Pedagogical Center.

The Tukaram Center has ten temples.
1.Formless God
2.Shri Ganesha
3.Virgin Mary
5.Shri Surya
6.God as a child
8.Greek Goddess Demeter
9.Divine Scriptures Temple
10. The Pandavas temple

      Tukaram Pedagogical Center extends the arms of its river, and with his love action it approaches the sea, that is to say, it is that river that tries to take to the greater amount of souls possible towards the blessed Sea of God through the "knowledge to watch", "to know how to think", "knowledge to be", for "knowing how to love", and through the love, and only through the love, to reach the ocean of God.

      That ocean is the aim of all our inner anguishes. Dreams are rivers of the soul: our soul learns to being river, and thus protected by the shores full of tenderness of our Tukaram, can lead to us towards the Sea of God; only in that Sea we can find the Happiness that as much we yearned for.