Tukaram's abhang - Sundar Te Dhyan describes the idol Vitthal in the temple town of Pandharpur. The idol of  Vitthal at Pandharpur is a beautiful piece of sculpture, its arms akimbo and a confident expression on its face seeming to signify a kind of potent non-violence. This is in marked contrast to the fierce Hindu gods with several hands, each bearing some weapon.



Sundar Te Dhyan



   The abhang has been sung by Tukaram Ganpathi. Ganpathi born in a traditional bhajan singer's family hails from Kadayanallur, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is a state at the southern most tip of India. The abhang is traditionally sung at the end of Sampradayik bhajan in Tamil Nadu,  while  in  Maharashtra  -  the  home  state of

Tukaram(1609-1650) the abhang is sung at the beginning of a kirtan.
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