Children's Corner

Concept and Artist : Kshitij Thigale
Translated by : Uday Gokhale


It is a story of thy love, oh God
About a merry deer grazing with two fawns



In same forest appeared a hunter and his two dogs



Who blazed the area and held a corner with his dogs.



Surrounded by the forest fire deer prayed to you, oh God



Chanting your names,"Rama, Krishna, Hari. Govinda, Keshava-
Save us, oh God of all Gods".
None else than you, oh Lord,
Can save from the calamity of this sort.



Their prayers you heard with an enduring heart
Put off the blaze-thee ordered the rains.



Thee made hare to run, who
Soon were chased by the dogs.



Instantly, deer escaped, chanting "Saved by Govinda"
Kind and Savior you are, to your devotees
This is your fame and glory,
You the better half of Rakhma Says Tuka