About the Author


Shreedhar More (1916-2004)


Born : 1916. At Dehu  (birthplace of Saint Tukaram and a prominent pilgrimage centre).

      Ninth generation descendant of  Maharashtra’s renowned saint, and songs. Imbibed the ‘warkari’ tradition from his father Nathurambuwa, while still a young boy and  memorised  the  works  of

      Did his primary education at village Dehu. Joined S.P. College at Pune. Gave up college to join India’s freedom movement. Worked in close collaboration with Bhau Vishnupant Chitale, Keshavrao Jedhe, Abasaheb Joshi, Vithoba Anna Ajrekar. Took an oath to wear “khadi” all his life, as a symbol of nationalism.
      Undertook an exhaustive study of all sects and sub-sects of the ‘Warkari’ tradition, and its pilgrimages. Author of searching philosophical booklets on the tale of Saint Tukaram’s ascendance to heaven , and on the origin and growth of the sacred ‘palkhi’. (A renowned pilgrimage that dates back hundreds of years and pays homage to Sant Jnanadev and Sant Tukaram, two legendary figures of the Bhakti movement).
      Founded the Warkari Board / Warkari Authority, along with associates Haribhau Pataskar, Adv. G.S. Rahirkar, B.P Bahirat, Keshavrao Kabirbuwa, and Vasudevrao Warlikar. Mentor to various national and international scholars studying the ‘Warkari’ tradition. Trustee of the Dehu Devasthan (Dehu temple authority).