About the Play


        ‘Anandowari’ is an important Marathi novel written by Late Di.Ba.Mokashi.Tukaram, as all of us know, was one of the most important Marathi saints from the Varkari Parampara. He resided at Dehu, near Pune.The Vitthal Temple in his house at Dehu, had an ‘Owari’ or ‘Verandah’ outside it. This ‘Owari’ was known as ‘Anandowari’. Saint Tukaram wrote his verses on this ‘owari’. This place was a witness to most of Tukaram’s life. The protagonist and narrator of this play is ‘Kanhoba’, Tukaram’s younger brother. The moment, at which the play starts, ‘Tukaram’ has disappeared as usual. He is possibly lost in some deep spiritual, philosophical trance, which used to happen quite often. Kanhoba used to go in search of his brother on such occasions. However this time he is not able to find Tukaram at the usual places. Kanhoba gets worried. He gets frantic with the thought, that this time he may have ‘lost’ Tukaram forever. While searching for Tukaram, Kanhoba starts recalling the spiritual journey of his brother. He tells us about Tukaram’s life, his sensitive, revolutionary poetry and their relationship with each other. While narrating, Kanhoba, himself a sensitive poet, also throws light on the social conditions, fundamental, philosophical and social issues of that period. Through this narrative, we come face to face with many perpetually important philosophical and social questions and also come to realize the validity of Tukaram’s thought even today.

Kishore Kadam ( Actor)

Atul Pethe ( Director)

Credits –
Writer – Di.Ba.Mokashi
Editor – Vijay Tendulkar
Script, Music design and Director – Atul Pethe
Sets – Makarand Sathe
Lights – Shrikant Ekbote and Shivaji Barve
Costumes – Shyam Bhutkar
Music – Ashok Gaikwad
Players – Ashok Gaikwad, Upendra Arekar, Atul Pethe
Production Asst. - Anand, Ashwini, Dhanesh, Pratik, Kausthbh, Shraddha,
Gayatri, Shweta
Back Stage – Pradip
Calligraphy and Photographer– Kumar Gokhale
Special Thanks – Dr.Sadanand More, Prof.Ram Bapat, Gajanan Paranjape,
Meghana Pethe, Jagar and Samanvay Natya Sanstha, Pune.
Production Incharge – Dheeresh Joshi
Sutradhar – Prasad Vanarase
Produced by – Abhijat Rangabhoomi, Pune
Cast - Kishor Kadam
Play time – One hour and forty minutes without interval.
Language - Marathi