7. The Teachings of Tukaram


       No human being would ever attain happiness in life till there was a place for God in it. No happiness would be possible till mortals made God a part of their life.
       ‘Look at my experience. I made God my own and He gave the answers to my questions whenever and wherever I put those to Him.’
       It was destiny that led Tukaram’s worldly affairs to destruction. It was through divine benediction that he attained a great spiritual height. Whereas destiny was uncontrollable, God had to abide by the restriction put by the love of the devotee.
       ‘The devotee’s love is like the leash, Hari goes wherever He is led.’
      Such divine love is attained through perpetual remembrance of Him.
       ‘We should recite Your name, You should give us your love.’
      Love is abundant wherever saints live. A perpetual give-and-take of love forms a part of their whole enterprise. Otherwise, no one, including even scholars and the knowledgeable, have no idea of the bliss offered by devotion. It is such love that binds the whole society together and does away with all differences and discrimination. It is such love that makes man’s life happy and prosperous. This heavenly love is obtained from remembering the Almighty and from association with the saints. It transforms unhappiness and happiness and indeed, transforms life itself.

      ‘No point in offering advice where it goes unheeded, now the only advice henceforth is that keep your life from going waste.
      For your valuable life goes waste if no thought is given to it, thus sings Tuka, thus is his advice.
      Tuka says undertake that enterprise, which takes care of your interests, what more can one teach in this respect.
      The one who is alive to what is good for him makes his parents extremely happy.
      Even God is delighted by the pious behaviour of the sons and daughters born in such a family.Geeta and Bhagawat should be heard and meditation should centre round Lord Vithoba. For there is great benefit in contemplating Him with a clean and clear mind, says Tuka.’

      ‘Never keep the company of bad people, strive always to be in the company of saints.
      Uplift of the downtrodden is the greatness of saints, therefore, abjure the bad and hanker after the saints.
      Make money through honest means only and amass it with a detached mind.’
      It may be seen that the teachings of Tukaram centre round good thought, impeccable deportment and equality. He never hesitated in calling a spade a spade while disseminating messages for the benefit of human welfare.


8.Accompanists, Followers and Disciples